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here at Tate&lyle® we have a diverse team of barbers suited for all grooming needs

When it comes to appearance and searching for a new barber we understand the pressures in selecting the right fit; so we’ve collated some information on our team to help you pick the right barber.

Our team has a wealth of differing experiences within the hair industry and extensive knowledge and expertise to help you with all aspects of male grooming.

If you have any further queries or would like to join the team then please contact us at, info@tateandlylesyd.com

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Emanating in London, Jacob acutely understands that high class service and bespoke individualism is imperative. Our founder evolved from the London barbershops of Soho and Fitzrovia, where he mastered his craft under the guidance of the finest barbers in the Capital. Now his vision is to deliver cutting edge results with a touch of class in Sydney.

Who is your style icon?

“Without doubt Sir Michael Caine! Especially during the swinging 60’s, his tailored suits, his timeless style and his rags to riches story is inspiring. His whistles (suits) from Doug Hayward master tailor, remind me so much of my former tailors Nick and George on Berwick Street in Soho.

There is nothing more elegant than a man in a tailored whistle! A suit that has been beautifully crafted for every line and shape of his body, exactly the same can be said for a bespoke haircut. It has been said a man needs but only a good tailor and a good barber in his life. Sir Michael to this day is still debonair, stylish and oozes a touch of class. For that reason he is still a style icon.’’

Who is the most inspiring person you’ve met?

“In my career it has to be Mr Johnie Sapong, ask any face from London whether it’s within hair, fashion, art or showbiz and they will tell you about Johnie, an absolute geezer! He is a flawless hairdresser, I was lucky to work with him at several London fashion shows as part of his creative team and learnt so much from him.’’

What’s the best thing to have happened to you doing this job?

“Where do I start? Get ready for me to pump my own tyres. I have been blessed with so many amazing opportunities with regular TV and radio work both here and in the UK, and being a main contributor at Industry trade shows such as Salon International (UK) and HairExpo (AU). But the best thing to happen to me was winning a UK wide junior barber competition. I won a year’s mentorship with some of the UK’s top industry figureheads, and it opened so many other amazing opportunities; I even featured in the local rag.’’

Callum uses the medium of barbering to combine his two passions in life art and fashion, using barbering as a creative outlet he understands the importance of combining art with durability when cutting. London trained Callum brings a wealth of experience from his time in the UK and his meticulous cutting style will ensure you leave with the outcome you desire.

What made you get into barbering?

“Barbering combines multiple interests of mine, it pushes you to look at music, fashion and photography on a daily basis getting creative with you hands creating shapes and details!

A haircut for me is the most prevailing feature on a person its something that you’re wearing day in day out for 4-6 weeks. A client could be the most stylish person but without a haircut crafted to consider his own personal style, job and face shape then the whole look comes crashing down. People need to take more pride in their hair its the difference between looking good and looking bad!

A great haircut lifts your mood it gives you the confidence to ask that woman (or man) out for coffee, it helps you smash the job interview that you’ve been so stressed about, it allows you to wake up every morning with the confidence to achieve your goals!.’’

You’re stranded on a desert Island what 3 albums do you take?

“ Hard choice for me as I love music and I have such an eclectic taste and trying to pick only 3 albums is pretty tough but if I had to it would be; Nas - Illmatic, The Growlers - City club and The Black Keys - The big come up.’’

Current style icons?

“Juan Milan & Jimmy Q they both embody the style that I adore.’’

Sydney local Eric joins our team having cut at a variety of top establishments throughout Sydney. Eric’s passion and enthusiasm for the industry is showcased in his structured and methodical cutting style. Having undertaken various educational workshops to further his development and working on editorial shoots for Revlon, Eric's execution and skill set will deliver the results you want!

What is your favourite haircut to execute?

“This answer is ever evolving and changing as trends and fashions change so does hairstyles but right now I love Mod haircuts, strong shapes with tons of texture and soft layered edges.’’

What do you enjoy most about this job?

“ Being a hairstylist is definitely a lifestyle more than a job! You’re looking at different aesthetics and styles constantly whilst creating haircuts and taking inspiration to make new styles. So subconsciously its always on my mind, that drive to explore different styles that is one of my favourite things.’’

If you could cut any celebrities hair who would it be and why?

“That’s a tough one, but it would probably have to be Yolandi from Die Antwoord her style is so unique and I feel like she would have some eccentric hair ideas that would really test my cutting abilities, she would definitely rock them perfectly!’’