about us

‘Tate&Lyle® has evolved from the London barber shops’

London’s West End has historically borne both mavericks and conservatives, so whether it’s off the wall creativity or a sleek classic haircut that you desire, we excel at both.

Our brand name is derived from the secret language of London’s backstreet traders, created to prevent the prying police from nefarious collusion. Tate&Lyle® is cockney rhyming slang for “style’’, a word that epitomises our Company's ethos and brand vision. Style is enduring and timeless, but it is also a unique form of personal expression: Tate&Lyle® see it as our honour to deliver the results you seek.

Tate&Lyle’s service ethos emanates from the rich history of the West End’s high-class barbershop’s, the essence being an exemplary service delivered in an luxuriant shop.

Tate&Lyle® has evolved from the London barbershops in which its founder cut his teeth and its vision is to deliver cutting edge results with a touch of class. Bespoke individualism is part of our rich heritage.

Tate&Lyle® aims to provide a comfortable sanctuary for the esteemed gentleman of Sydney, an escape in today’s busy world.

With over 10 years of experience in the UK, the Nordic regions and now Sydney, Tate&Lyle’s approach is unmatched, and its execution unrivalled.